What Vitamins Do You Need For Beard Growth?

Brutal bearded man

Facial hair, especially beards are now more popular than ever thanks to the contemporary trends in male fashion. Growing a beard may seem natural to most men, but that is not the case as a considerable number of guys experience trouble growing facial hair. Experts have identified genetics, low testosterone levels, poor diet, and skin conditions to be the most common causes of these challenges. These specialists have, however, devised a way of getting you a thicker and fuller beard that will make you look great.

The increased consumption of various vitamins has worked to the benefit of millions of men around the world, and you too should include them in your diet. The best beard vitamins manufacturers have also found ways to include some of the vitamins in their products.

Vitamin E tops the list of essential elements that will make your facial hair healthy. The vitamin works by keeping the beard follicles alive and growing actively. It also enhances the growth of blood capillaries, which is essential for the provision of nutrients and blood to hair follicles. Consume foods like soy beans, tofu, wheat germ, avocado, and shrimp if you wish to get this vitamin in abundance.

The presence of B vitamins will prevent the acceleration of falling facial hair, especially vitamin B3. Additionally, it promotes circulation, which aids in the growth of a full mustache. Niacin is an element you can find in vitamin B3 and one you can get from eating peanuts, strawberry, liver, pork, and chicken. Vitamins B7 and B5 also promote the growth of healthy beards. Their presence is abundant in foods like beans, yogurt, broccoli, and corn. Learn how to use beard oil with these steps in http://www.ehow.com/how_8614889_use-oil-facial-hair-growth.html.

Vitamin A is needed critically by those who desire healthy beards.  Its purpose is the enhanced production of sebum by the skin, which is a requirement in coating facial hair and keeping it moisturized, lustrous, and looking fuller. Milk, liver, carrots, and papaya are some of the foods you need to consume to get the vitamin. Know more about Beard Brushes.

Vitamin C augments the working of your body’s natural defenses, which keep diseases at bay. It also prevents the falling off of hair as you age, which can adversely affect the looks and feel of your beard. Bell peppers, kiwi, tea, tomatoes, and berries are the varieties of foods you need to supply your body with vitamin C.

 In addition to using products that contain the essential elements and consuming foods that are rich in them, professionals have several additional tips that could make a difference. These include getting plenty of rest, caring for your skin, quitting smoking, and keeping stress out of your life.


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